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If you wish to see your results published after each event there are several options available:-
1) Join the committee
2) Turn up at 10:30 on the Saturday prior to the event and help build the track and get ticked off list
3) Ride as ‘XHalf’.
4) Hang around until after the race has ended and spend probably no more than 20 minutes clearing the track down and then spend 30 seconds waiting to ensure that you see Belinda cross your name off the track clearing list. (I am going to ensure that Belinda is not offended if you insist on watching her cross you off, as to be honest I’m getting very fed up by the number of emails I get from members claiming to have track cleared but forgetting to get their number crossed off)


I am getting extremely fed up with the number of requests for missed swipes!!

I concede that at the last meeting (Redricks) I had a problem with two of the timing pods, the first of which was removed during the very first lap, and the second of which was the pit entry pod in the afternoon session.

So if you were missing a lap at the very end of your race on this one occasion I am open to a polite request for a final swipe, but at any other time during the race I am in no doubt it was rider error!

To be honest even if the pod is obviously not working, I cannot understand why quite so many riders are prepared to just ride away instead of getting off your bike and using a different one!
On average you spent 15 minutes tackling the tricky terrain, but some of you are obviously not prepared to spend 5-10 seconds ensuring those 15 minutes were not wasted.

As a result of the problems at this event I have been authorised to invest in a complete set of new wiring looms, and once in use I will NOT be taking any requests for added swipes unless I am personally aware that all FOUR pods were not working correctly!

Yours in sport

Ade Smith

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