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Over the past few months lots of points have been raised on Facebook.

TBEC the volunteer run club aimed at beginners and the less experienced riders.  We don’t claim to be anything else so expectations need to be so.

The organisation and implementation of our events at TBEC (Hare & Hounds) is influenced by the ACU sporting code, land owners, man power, equipment, weather, finances, insurance and many more.

Some elements are just not practical for TBEC to implement at all events due to the above mentioned, consequently rules apply.

Some Reminders Below Of Recent Topics

  • No Riding in the pits
  • No Starting of bike before event
  • 30 Second engine warm up per row
  • Blue Tape is Walking Pace Only
  • Bike Examination/scrutineering before signing on
  • Event duration is 2+2 or 3 hours straight (Clerk of Course decision final unless marginal then COC can put to vote)
  • No Course Cutting (Exclusion)
  • No Abuse to other riders on track
  • Course maybe reversed where practical
  • 112db noise limit at two metres behind the machine
  • Must sign on at event (both Rider and Marshal)
  • Do Not course clear before horn (Exclusion)
  • You must course clear and ensure your ticked on the sheet to get a result (Except XHalf entrants)
  • If you start your last lap but are unable to swipe in to finish you will be given the last rider of the event default time or ask for a DNF
  • Riding marshal must pre book before event
  • No dogs are allowed at any TBEC event
  • No swapping of bikes or lap scoring tags (Exclusion)
  • Take your litter home

Apologies if this does not suit but these are some of the rules and are not up for debate, any member who would like a membership refund please email and we hope you will be happier with another club.

TBEC does receive massive support from riders over many many years which we are grateful for.

We hope to see you at our future events, but if not good luck with your pursuits.

Yours in Sport


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