Houghton Conq, Beds – 2nd Aug 2020

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VIDEO: https://youtu.be/awQC7e-LuBM  

A great venue for TBEC, Mixed farm land grassy fields with a number of woody sections, a boggy bit, step hill sides but twisty and demanding course, part of a old MX track is still used, will give something for everyone, of approx 5-6 miles

Please come and help set up the course if you can spare a few hours on the Sat from 10.30am onwards and have your input into the track layout or just have a sneaky look at what awaits you the next day !! 

Directions: Bury Farm, London Road, Houghton Conquest, Beds, MK45 3LR.

**Course clearing must be done to see your timed results.**

follow the TBEC Arrows.

Camping from 6pm on the Friday NOT BEFORE

PLEASE NOTE:  The land owner will charge per night for camping £10 and collected by the land owner on the day.

NO DOGS are allowed at this TBEC event thank you.  

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